I’ll post more about myself when I think of something coherent to say, I’m female, mid-twenties, first year interior design student, I live in a 2 bedroom/on bath basement suite and I’m on a mission to make it look fantabulous on a *very* tight budget. This blog is more to chronicle my experiences. One of my favorite places to shop for affordable home decor is IKEA. As such this blog features my finds from the IKEA Coquitlam and IKEA Richmond stores, finds from Craigslist Vancouver and any other misc classified sites (CL is my main though), possibly eBay, and a great recylicing group that I’ve been a member of for a while now called Free*Cycle. I may post pictures from my camera phone or my digicam, my camphone at the moment is kinda dodgy but i’m hoping to get an iPhone once they are released on July 11/2008 (mark your calendars people!). I transport all of my items in my Toyota Matrix, which is also my baby, lol.


you will notice that I post items of a particular colour on this blog, that is because being a designer I still believe in keeping colour schemes (As every design concious and sane person should) in their home 🙂


In my living room my colours and frequently used materials are:

White, Cream, offwhite, magenta, pink

Pine, birch, and other light coloured woods, and dried grasses (bamboo, etc.)

I have a few dark brown, chocolate, and mahogany coloured decorative items to tie in the dark cabinetry and the trim of my bamboo area rug

lots of glass

I have one cabinet/wall unit in the adjacent Foyer/Entry that is Beech coloured, and a display cabinet that has Beech tops and bottoms, other

steel and silver coloured accents for doors, hinges, cabinetry hardware and misc

In the Study My colours and frequently used materials are:

White, Offwhite, Cream, Silver

Pine, Birch, and other light coloured woods


In the bedroom:

White, Red shades and tones, Blue shades and tones, silver, black

Pine, Birch, and other light coloured woods



My kitchen we will not discuss, lol, I am forbidden at this point in changing anything about the kitchen, but when I do you will be the first to know 🙂