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Guess where I just got back from, lol, I think the IKEA Coquitlam folks are getting tired of seeing my ass in there everyday this week. The past two days have been great in terms of finding lighting, I got some good deals and didn’t even really realize until i got home to do a reference check on some lights that I had picked up for use in my living room and my study/guest room

Yesterday I picked up Three (3) JÄRINGE worklamps in the clearance section for $8.00 CAD each, their original price?……$44 dollars :O there was one more in it’s original packaging when I had left and I was humming and hawing at the time deciding whether I wanted to buy it or not, I should have, when I went back this morning it was gone (of course) but I did find one LAMPAN table lamp in white in the clearance for $2.00 🙂 the original price is $5.99, I also got a pair of white NON spotlights for $8.00 in the clearance section, original price is $14.99. See below for pics 🙂

I just tried to find the JARINGE lamp on the website again but it seems to have been pulled/discontinued.

IKEA JARINGE LAMP: Original Price $44.00 CAD / Clearance $8.00 CAD


IKEA LAMPAN Table Lamp: Original Price $5.99 CAD / Clearance Price $2.00 CAD


IKEA NON Spotlights: Original Price $14.99 CAD / Clearance $8.00 CAD

IKEA Coquitlam is doing a rehaul of their displays in a big way, when i arrived at 9:45 this morning, I noticed they were re-doing alot of their living room displays and marking down the display items to be transported to the clearance section, so for you frugally sensible folks out there in need of some gently loved furniture you best to run down there with a quickness 🙂





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