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alright so….I’m on break for a few weeks, and one of my missions has been to beautify my place, as such I’ve been to both IKEAS in the GVRD (greater vancouver regional district for those who don’t know, yes….I’m canadian) the past three days Is it just me or does the IKEA Coquitlam seem to have a better clearance section that the IKEA Richmond, I found good deals at both but ehn…maybe it’s because I was at the IKEA Coquitlam one fresh from opening at like 10:30, I couldn’t get out to richmond until about 12:30, foolishly went through New Westminster and yadda yadda, anyway, I got so much stuff and the customer service rep was aweome this morning replacing two of my broken hinges from my computer hutch which totally made my morning, although….I did see another hutch with a smaller profile that I would love to have but alas….so poor, lol, I should probably post pics which I will do tommorow, speaking of which.

I will be picking up my piece de resistance tommorow after I run some errands in Vancouver, I will be heading to North Van to pick up a Detolf Cabinet set for only $30 bux, original price is $69 I believe, I cannot wait, I will be so stoked 🙂 This was originally a posting on Craigslist.

Tommorow, this…..


will be mine, i’ll probably set it up with the same arrangement too, rofl. That’s the beech effect shown, same colour I will hopefully be getting, ther’es also white and black available, I have yet to see this or any of it’s pieces in clearence, so $30 for the whole she-bang is a pretty good deal i think 🙂 I’m in desperate need of somewhere to display the sushi set, lol, for reals.



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